New Initiatives


TinyBees staff is  continuously improving developing new ways of encouraging child learning and development in a  stimulating environment. Childcare initiatives are  developed by  our staff with help from Council Early Years Support workers and other agency partners like Pacey,   inline with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), helping to improve key skills at every level of child development .


Tiny bees love the colourful and vivid imagination that many children possess, and their seemingly endless innocence and faith in the world. Working with and for children’s enable our staff to see and assess the world from a child’s point of view

Seeing world from child point of view  help us to look for new ways to give your child more stimulating  environment and experience.   Our aim is to helping every child to extend and further develop their   key skills  and  alll the areas of learning and development by EYFS.  This further helps us  enhance an already quality and stimulating environment for your child.

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