Being Healthy


We  recognised the importance of healthy eating, which is reflected in the  balanced meals we provide. Our menus  include fresh fruit, oily fish, meat, poultry, and vegetables every day which all contribute to being healthy.

We  have discussion with our children and parents  about importance of the healthy food and  carry out fun activities with the children, incorporating fruit and vegetables, fish, the ‘Eatwell Plate’ by NHS  and the importance a balanced diet plays towards being healthy.

Tinybees Childminding Service is registered with Food Standard Agency Thurrock Council  and  is  committed to provide  quality, balanced  freshly home cooked  meals and snacks  and food to all the children in  the care . 


I promote healthy eating and provide organic where possible Breakfast will be offered if required, this will include: – Weetabix, porridge, milk, wholemeal toast & fresh fruit. Fruits and vegetables are changed as per the season.


Day Morning Tea Lunch Afternoon tea
week 1
Mon Raisin Toast Egg & Vegetable fried rice, sliced Peaches Fruit and Milk
Tue Fruit and Milk Mixed Vegetable Noodles , Custard with jelly Cheese and Biscuits
Wed Muffins butter Chicken corn soup with bread , Fruit platter Fruit and Milk
Fri Toast with cheese butter Nuggets with mashed potato and peas, Apple Crumble & Ice cream Fruit and milk
week 2
Mon Fruit and Milk Tuna Macaroni Cheese with Broccoli , Banana cake Dip and biscuits
Tue Toast with butter and fresh salad Vegetarian pie and Custard Fruit and Milk
Wed Fruit and Milk Meat Palau, Cheese and Fruit platter Apricot & Sultana biscuits
Fri Fruit and Milk Kabab with peas and corn, Fruity yoghurt Rice crackers & Dried fruit
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