Resources and Activities


Tiny bees provide range of play equipment to help children to learn and   develop their skill and great care is taken to choose resources and equipments that create an inspiring environment and sensory experience for children’s. We use real life toys/equipment, such as treasure baskets, gardening tools, and equipment for house chore and small-world toy to help build a child’s imagination, communication and literacy skills.

Construction play is also available, such as building blocks, to help children develop fine motor skills, as well as problem solving. Physical play equipment such as tricycles, balancing beams and tunnels,  tents slides and trampoline   are available to encourage physical activity, as well as creative play to build a child’s imagination, creativity and co-ordination.

Art and Craft and cooking, material is also available to develop their imaginative and understanding the world and expressive are and craft skills.

There are different type of story, rhymes, phonic, cooking art and crafts books, shapes sorter, mathematical puzzles, writing and recognition of word  patterns,  shopping baskets and trolleys   available to develop children’s  literacy and mathematical skills. The great care is taken while choosing these books taking in mind children’s interest and needs as well as meeting the requirement by EYFS.

Our environments also promote and support personal and social interaction, including role play, and small group activities, encouraging children to play, explore,  learn and grow  together.


Art and Craft:

Painting, Drawing, Chalk Board, Play Dough

Gluing, Papier Mache, Making and sewing things (like Puppet), beads and jewellery making,  Cards  and shapes etc


Baking Biscuits, little cakes and cookies, making our own playdoh etc


Dressing Up/Imaginative Play:
Clothes for boys and girls like fairy dresses, princesses, police man, Doctor, Chef, and Engineer. Halloween cloths etc
Toys for imaginative play (i.e. Hoover, Ironing board, shopping trolley, baby, baby buggy, pretend food, tea and dinner sets, cooking sets)


Music  and Dance:
Playing Instruments, Singing Songs
Nursery Rhymes
Dancing to Children’s Music CD’s


Books reading and Story Time:

Variety of books for learning new words, objects, shapes. Oxford tree learning books readt at home. Cooking books, maps

Literacy books Phonics, story, bed time stories, educational books, numeracy

Art and Crafts books


Outdoor Play Area:
Secure Garden
Wooden Playhouse
Plastic Pool, Ball Pit

Slides, Swing, Trampoline, Sand and water play, Trampoline, Tents and Tunnel

Ride on Toys, there are more outdoor games, like football, bat and ball

Big Easel for Chalk drawing, painting, using magnets



There are variety if things to teach ict, like camera, computer, educational games and activities



Writing and reading Activities:

 Help children with writing and ready phonics like alphabets, name and help in their home work   and much more


Fine Motor and multi sensory:

Marbles, Dressing up dolls, constructions blocks, Jigsaw, building blocks, messy tray with paints and sparkles, making hand paint pictures and lot more

Making sensory bottle, bubble liquid, feathers, glow in the dark stars, fridge magnets ( letters, shapes, numbers), googly eyes, different colours rice, form shapes, jingle bells

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